Is nestled away on one of the biggest islands on the Gulf of Chiriqui - Isla Boca Braba.

Tucan Lodge Panama is a 100% family owned and operated by the Spragge family. Every guest to Tucan Lodge Panama becomes a part of our family that our only goal is to make you feel like you at Home.

The adventure begins when our Captain Juan A Spragge meets you at the airport in David.

Capt. Juan will take care of the transportation from the airport in David straight to Boca Chica. Boca Chica is a small fishing village located right in front on the Island. Upon arrival, the final transportation will be a private boat waiting for a short 10 minute ride to the docks of Tucan Lodge Panama.

As soon we get there we will have welcome drinks all fresh ad home made with all fresh fruits. And you won't have to worry bout anything because we will be taking care of you. The only thing we need you to do is relax and enjoy the experience of being on your own private island lodge.

Like I said on the beginning Tucan lodge it's a family own business so my Mom She will make sure you guys eat like kings and enjoy every single home made Panama recipes. With every single fresh ingredients you could imagine.

Next morning you get up on your private island lodge and will enjoy some of the most famous and delicious coffee you ever tasted. Eat some of the most fresh fruits.

And then we will get on the boat and my Dad Juan M Spragge and Me we will take you on a fishing trip of a life time you won't never forget. Fishing some of the most famous fishing grounds like Hannibal Bank, Isla Montousa and Isla Coiba .

Fishing for Black Marlins, Blue marlins, sailfish, Mahi-mahis , Rooster fish, cuberra snappers, blue Jacks and a lot more.

One thing is me trying to describe this but the best way for you to find this out is coming down here living the experience and leave as a new member of Tucan Lodge Panama and the Spragge's Family.

Photos featuring Aro Hā